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Food Safe Epoxy For Cutting Boards

Our new Food Safe Epoxy For cutting boards is an outstanding addition to your Epoxy collection, our cutting boards are now made with a clear Food Safe coating that makes them effortless to clean and look great. Our cutting boards are also a natural dyes that can be used to create a wide range of colors.

Food Safe Resin For Cutting Board

This Food Safe resin For cutting board is a valuable addition to your home, it is basic to clean and will not only protect your floors but also provide a clear coat of protection For your Epoxy resin crystal clear Food grade coating. This product is additionally versatile, top-notch For a variety of applications such as wood, ceramic, or granite, are your cutting boards and bowls digging nice and clean? Epoxy Food Safe coating is applied to the wood and makes them look like new again! These boards and bowls can now be used as is or with a to add a bit more shine and safety. The Epoxy cutting board Safe is an exceptional surrogate to protect your profits and make your work area safe, this board Safe gives four wood cutting boards in a sophisticated design. The boards are made of Epoxy resin and are clear which makes it basic to see what you are cutting, the boards are also dishwasher Safe which is puissant For cleanups. If you are careful with your fingers and use proper technique when cutting cards and other food-friendly items, Epoxy resin is safe, the coating is furthermore non-toxic and non-toxic coatings can be used on other materials to make them food-safe.