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Epicurean Chef Series Cutting Board

The Epicurean Chef Series cutting board is a sterling surrogate to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen area, this board is 23 x14. 5 inches and grants an 14, 5-inch deep saw blade and an 13-inch deep oven saw blade. It also features a cookbook pocket and system, this board is superb for cooking shows oremail-epicurean@gmail. Com for product sales.

Epicurean Chef Series Cutting Board Ebay

This Epicurean Chef Series cutting board is an exceptional substitute to organize and manage your kitchen ingredients, the large cutting boards is first-rate for carrying around all the kitchen supplies you need for each and every meal. The large cutting board grants a sleek design with black finish that will make your kitchen look and feel more like a professional restaurant, this Epicurean Chef Series cutting board is further made with a black fade finished wood that renders a durable construction that will last long in your kitchen. The Epicurean Chef Series cutting board is unrivalled for the serious culinary student or the serious kitchen professional, it is produced of durable materials that will last for years of use. The clear plastic material allows for straightforward viewing of your recipes without having to worry about paper wash, the large dimensions of Epicurean Chef Series kitchen utensil, medium, is make it valuable for wide substrates such as spoons or pans. The large space makes it facile to reach your food while still leaving plenty of space to do your cooking, the finished product is a big part of any kitchen, and Epicurean signature wood composite Chef Series 27" x 18" natural / slate is no different. With its stylish design and versatile features, Epicurean | heat-resistant, eco-friendly Chef Series cutting board is can be used for a variety of reasons, the cover is produced of wooden with a durable design, and the overall design is foremost with enticing corners and a sturdy top. The board comes with a cookware set and dishes, it is a top surrogate to make set up your kitchen and make life easier for yourself. The Epicurean Chef Series natural slate cutting board is a top-of-the-heap surrogate for people who wish to create delicious and healthy food, the board is manufactured from durable materials that will last and allow you to easily and quickly get to your food goals. This board presents an 29, 5 x 17. 5 design that is sure to make a statement, additionally, there are several different colors to choose from, making it basic to find the right board for your needs.