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Cutting Board Island Table

This is a handmade kitchen Island Table made of wood, it is table-based with a butcher countertop and birch tabletop. It is a practical Table for cooking or working in.

Kitchen Cutting Board Table

This is a delicious kitchen cutting board Table made from butcher block, it is an unfinished version of the popular wooden kitchen Island table. It provides a comfortable one-year warranty, the Table is conjointly unrivaled for keeping your ingredients safe and healthy. This is a small cutting board Table made of 50% wood and 50% wooden, it presents a butcher-like calm surface for activities like cutting meat or slicing potatoes. The top is fabricated of a soft, birch- colored wood, which gives the Table a nice finish, the bottom is produced of a hard, stainless steel, which can handle sharp objects well. This is a detailed description of a kitchen Island Table made from 50 in wood wooden, the Table is top-front depression foam cover and provides a jute bias for a to-trail rollaway top. The top of the Table is finished with a light-colored natural wood grain effect, the back of the Table grants a jute bias and is finished with a light-colored natural wood grain effect. The Table is in like manner finished with a natural woodgrain top, this is a cutting board Island Table top that we have created based on the dimensions of the Table top. We have used unfinished birch wood for the board top and have decided to make it very strong and durable, the birch wood is a first-rate material to adopt when it comes to construction and it is a beneficial finish to our kitchen.