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Cutco Cutting Boards

The new Cutco 124 small cutting board is 8 x12 x new in factory plastic, it imparts a strong build with a weighty feel. It presents a well-crafted design with a natural look and feel, it is sure to with make your kitchen a million dollars.

Cutco Large Cutting Board

This large cutting board is enticing for handling and cutting vegetables, it is fabricated of durable materials that are sure to last. The cutting area is large enough to handle all the vegetables easily, the blue color is sensational for any kitchen color. The large Cutco model 126 poly prep cutting board is a practical surrogate to get your cutting board on par! It extends an 12 x15 size so it can fit most kitchen disproportionates, the cutting board also gives a nice feel to it and is produced from high quality materials. This Cutco small cutting board is enticing for small spaces, it extends a simple design with an 13 x10 size. This Cutco small cutting board is a top-rated way for busy professionals or home businesses, this Cutco sharpening area is valuable for your chopsticks, spoon, and knife. The soft, darren-perm製tstretched pop of color is sure to make your dishes come out scouring better, provided by cutco.