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3d Cutting Board Patterns

This high-quality 3 d cutting board is produced with 3 d growth media and stairstep pattern 10 12 x 8 12 x 1 18, this cutting board is prime for the big-screen lover in your family. Made of durable materials, this 3 d cutting board is an outstanding way for any store.

2x4 End Grain Cutting Board

Our 2 x4 end grain cutting board pattern is designed to produce perfect, thin pieces of wood, it's made with handcrafted 3 d end grain cutting board pattern and it looks excellent as a beautiful cover for your home office or home décor. The matching coasters make it effortless to tote around your room with ease, this is a handcrafted 3 d end grain cutting board pattern that comes in an 13 x8 12 x1 38 kit. The pattern is an 13 x8 12 x1 38, and the final product will have an 13 x8 12 x1 38, this pattern is dandy for use on a baking or cooking area. The enticing cutting board for your next party game of cutting games! With this 3 d end grain cuttin board, you'll have to be a pro to get the of the cuttings! The 18 x1, 3 in. - 12 x18 x1, 5 - shadow box pattern is a first-rate surrogate to make your more fun and efficient. This pattern is designed to give you an uncomplicated to adopt cutting board that is both stylish and durable, the pattern includes a bright green and black design with a brown ring. The pattern is in step 2 of the series, it is 11" x 10" x 1" and it is manufactured black hardboard. It is shadowed by a light blue line in the lower right hand corner.